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Example rates

We regularly survey our member's annuity rates for 12 fictional customer profiles. Here you can see the rates from the latest survey, carried out in November 2014.

These rates are the rates which apply to the particular customer profile you’ve chosen using the drop down menu below. The rate which will apply to your personal circumstances will be different.

If you use a shopping around service or a financial adviser they will search the market for the best deal for your particular needs, but this service will be subject to a fee. Rates can change daily so getting an up to date quote is essential.

Annuity purchased with £24,000
Single, No health problems, 58
Provider Annuity (per year)
Abbey Life £1,105.47
Aegon £1,082.64
Aviva £1,201.32
Axa Wealth Rates offered by Legal & General
Canada Life £1,217.76
Countrywide Assured £933.72
Fidelity Rates offered by panel
Friends Life £1,083.48
Internal customers only
Guardian Financial Services £1,069.12
HSBC Life £1,038.75
Just Retirement Not available for healthy lives
Legal & General £1,229.08
LV= £1,144.41
internal customers only
MGM Advantage £1,228.32
NFU Mutual Rates offered by panel
Partnership Not available for healthy lives
Phoenix £1,048.33
Prudential £1,060.80
Reassure £1,124.76
Reliance Mutual £1,217.64
Royal London Rates offered by Panel
Scottish Widows / Clerical Medical / Halifax £1,170.08
Standard Life £1,028.88
Sun Life of Canada Rates offered by Legal & General
Wesleyan Assurance Society Rates offered by panel
Zurich Rates offered by panel
Lowest annuity: £933.72
Highest annuity: £1,229.08

Please note:

  • These example rates are for information only. They are not a promotion or comparison service.
  • Some providers refer customers to another provider to buy an annuity. Click on each provider's name for full details.
  • Not all providers offer rates for every customer profile. Click on each provider's name for full details.
  • Some providers only offer an annuity to customers who have a pension with them. In these cases, you will not be able to buy an annuity from them if you have your pension with another company. Click on each provider's name for full details.

Final step

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