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Flooding FAQs

Can I use my own builder for repair works?

You can use your own builder, but it may be better to use a builder approved by your insurance company. You insurer can give you a list of approved builders. 

If you decide to use your own builder, your insurer will usually ask you to get estimates from two or three different builders to get a proper understanding of the work that is needed and how much it is going to cost.

Using an approved builder makes it easier to deal with any problems that arise as a result of repair works. If you experience any problems or have any complaints contact your insurer straight away.

I do not know the name of my insurance company – how can I find out about my policy?

Your insurance broker, insurance adviser, mortgage lender or bank (direct debit / standing order payments can be used to identify your insurer) may be able to help you. If you live in rented accommodation, speak to your landlord or the local authority you pay rent to.

I know the name of my insurance company but I cannot find my policy.

Contact your insurer who should be able to trace your policy using your personal information and your postcode.  

Why has a loss adjuster been appointed to my claim?

A loss adjuster represents your insurer and will be appointed to confirm the circumstances of the claim, to make sure the claim is covered by your policy, and to ensure that the full value of the claim is agreed with you. If you have a complaint about how your loss adjuster is handling your claim contact:


Will I get any state assistance to help cover uninsured losses or damage?

The Social Fund provides emergency financial help for people affected by flooding. If you receive Income Support, income-based Jobseeker's Allowance, or have limited resources you may be entitled to support. For more information see the Social Fund section of the Citizens' Advice Bureau website.