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Director General Huw Evans puts diversity front and centre for 2017

ABI Director General, Huw Evans, is making workplace diversity in the insurance and long-term savings sector a personal priority for this year.

The industry is changing fast to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving world and to do that it needs the brightest and best talent to succeed commercially. Huw has already signed up to a HeforShe pledge and the ABI is joining leading insurers by setting its own targets under the Women in Finance Charter.

In January, Huw has taken part in two events focused on employment in insurance.

Addressing the IICF Leading Across Generations conference, Huw called on the industry to improve its perception among millennials and consider how it can act on getting better at creating the more inclusive workplaces the next generation of talent will demand.

Huw Evans said:

“We need to consider how we as an industry can be fit for the future. The insurance industry is forward looking and has survived for the last 350 years as it is able to respond to change.

“We need to walk the walk and not just talk the talk to change perceptions of our industry for the next generation of talent. Leaders have to listen more as listening and acting on it can make a difference. The most important thing we can do is sometimes the small things that make a difference – it doesn’t always have to be a big and public initiative. Our ability to shape our reputation with customers and future and current employees lies in how we behave and adapt.”

Speaking to the Women in Finance Summit held by City & Financial, Huw said:

“We need more doing and less patting ourselves on the back for signing a charter we wouldn’t need if we did better.

“Change needs to start from the top, it won’t happen organically from the bottom. More senior leaders need to send permission signals about having a more balanced and rounded life.

“We need a bit more urgency as research suggests that, at the current rate, we may only have gender parity by 2095!”

You can read more about Huw’s views on why diversity is so critical to the sector here.
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Last updated 09/02/2017