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Policy Adviser, General Insurance

Join the ABI as a Policy Adviser within our General Insurance team and you’ll get to work on the development of policy relevant to cyber and specialist lines Insurance products.
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Policy Adviser, Conduct Regulation

We are looking for a Policy Adviser that is searching for varied, challenging and engaging work across diverse issues facing the insurance industry.
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Home Insurance: What you need to know

The ABI's Home Insurance Guide tells customers the key things they need to know to ensure they buy the best policy for them and get the most from their home insurance.
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ABI Guide to Resistant and Resilient Repair after a Flood

If you have suffered a flood you will know how devastating and distressing it is.
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Househunter flood risk

With one in six homes in England and Wales estimated to be at risk of flooding from either rivers and sea or surface water, the ABI is urging estate agents and property websites to provide up-front information about flood risk, using a simple traffic-light style mark. The ABI has unveiled its proposed design and showing how the symbols would work for property adverts, in the same way Energy Performance Certificates do.
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Creating a Pensions Dashboard - White Paper

Pensions Finder Alpha White Paper
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Incentive Exercises for Pensions: A Code of Good Practice version 2 - January 2016

This Code is a voluntary Code that sets out good practice for Incentive Exercises. This voluntary Code of Good Practice has been produced by the Incentive Exercises Monitoring Board, having consulted with the Incentive Exercises Industry Forum.
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Making Retirement Choices Clear - A consultation on simplifying language on retirement options

This consultation seeks stakeholders’ views on a draft Guide to simplifying language on retirement choices. The Guide is designed to ensure that language relating to the retirement choices introduced on 6 April 2015 are explained and communicated to customers across the whole long-term savings sector in a clear, consistent manner, avoiding technical terms where possible.
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ABI Sector Definitions - September 2016

The following notes give some basic information about the Mixed Investment sectors. If you require information about your fund(s), contact the fund/product provider or a financial adviser. They can give you information about what the fund is invested in, the investment strategy and about how risky the fund is.
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Incentive Exercises for Pensions: A Code of Good Practice v2 - Boundary Examples and Other Examples

The Code is intended to represent good industry practice and remains voluntary. These examples do not form part of the Code.
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