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Article 29 Working Party Opinion 06/2014 on the notion of legitimate interest of the data controller

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EU data protection event agenda

This event will bring together senior policymakers and stakeholders from the UK and Brussels to consider the impact of the EU Data Protection Regulation for consumers and for the insurance industry.
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EU legislation mapping

On behalf of its members the Association of British Insurers has conducted an extensive, in-depth analysis of all EU Directives and Regulations that have an impact upon the insurance and long term savings market.
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Suggestion of disregarding EU regulation is "pie in the sky"

"The suggestion that UK insurers could do business without taking account of European regulation is pie in the sky," says the ABI's Hugh Savill.

The ABI’s top 5 reasons why the UK should REMAIN a member of the EU

European Union flags
Ahead of the EU Referendum on 23 June, the ABI has outlined its 5 key reasons why the UK should remain a member of the EU.

ABI comments on Prime Minister's Andrew Marr show interview on the EU Referendum

"The Prime Minister is right to note the strong support from the insurance and long-term savings industry for remaining in the EU."

ABI responds to EIOPA's decision not to pursue EU solvency regime

Yvonne Braun comments on EIOPA’s decision not to continue its work on EU solvency regime for pension schemes.

ABI comments on European Commission's launch of Capital Markets Union Green Paper

The European Commission has today launched its Green Paper on the Capital Markets Union.

ABI responds to the conclusion of the Insurance Distribution Directive political process

The ABI's Director of Regulation, Hugh Savill, responds to the conclusion of the Insurance Distribution Directive conclusion

Developing an insurance capital standard - ABI comment

Hugh Savill, Director of Prudential Regulation, ABI has commented on the development of a global insurance capital standard by the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS).