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Promoting gender equality

The ABI is committed to promoting gender equality at all levels within the insurance industry.

Women in finance charter commitments 

In July 2016 the ABI was one of the first cohort of signatories to the women in finance charter in order to demonstrate its commitment to promote diversity both internally and within the insurance industry. A key requirement of this charter is to report on progress against the internal targets set on an annual basis.

The ABI’s headline target was to achieve at least a 45% / 55% female to male gender split across management positions by 30 June 2019 and in addition to this, the following supplementary targets were set to support the achievement of this goal:

  1. The ABI aims to maintain a rate of internal promotion into management positions that is over 50%.
  2. The ABI will request a 50%/50% gender diversity split in long lists provided by recruitment agencies during management recruitment processes.
  3. The ABI aims for at least 50% of staff to return from periods of maternity leave / shared parental leave, and flexible working requests will be considered in line with best practice.
  4. Equal opportunities for training and development are provided to both male and female members of staff.

The ABI is delighted to confirm that since these targets were set in 2016, it has successfully moved the dial in relation to gender diversity within the management population. The current gender split is 45.45% female / 54.54% male and therefore we consider to be firmly on track to deliver the headline target by June 2019.

We believe we have positively influenced gender diversity within the management group through ensuring diversity and inclusion is part of the conversation when conducting a number of internal processes. In the past 12 months we have achieved a 100% rate of return in relation to those who have taken maternity / shared parental leave and we have also considered and approved a number of flexible working requests in order to support staff in balancing their work and home responsibilities.

Recruitment has proven to be a key touchpoint in relation to our ability to positively influence gender diversity at the highest level, and we are proud to confirm that over the past 12 months we have sustained our commitment to present gender balanced long lists when recruiting into management positions and have continued to promote internally.  

The ABI continues to be committed to supporting gender diversity and diversity more broadly, both internally and in promoting the importance of this amongst the broader Insurance industry.

Huw Evans’ pledge:

"Use my role at the heart of the industry to continue the ABI’s commitment to provide programmes for young talent and future leaders that support and drive forward diversity. I also commit to personally mentor two women from these programmes, focusing on women who have either returned to work following maternity leave or who are from a background under-represented in insurance. 

"I hope by mentoring I can encourage them, give them some tips and help them with resilience when things are difficult. But I am also looking forward to learning from them, to broadening my own middle-aged male horizons and to get more clues as to what else we can do. None of us can conquer the world’s problems single-handed. But we can all do something. And that’s why I am making my pledge today."