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Supporting  LGBTQ+ inclusion

This page details a number of the actions that the insurance and long-term savings industry and the ABI are doing to improve LGBTQ+ inclusion. The insurance and long-term savings industry is committed to championing LGBTQ+ inclusion and recognises that it is vital that colleagues feel confident to be their authentic selves at work.

Committed to supporting our LGBTQ+ colleagues

A 2018 survey by Stonewall found that fewer than half of LGBTQ+ employees say their senior managers demonstrate a visible commitment to LGBTQ+ equality, which is why our sector is taking targeted action to build a modern and diverse industry, where LGBTQ+ employees can excel. This includes a thriving industrywide network, Link and a wide range of individual actions that ABI members are taking. We are also pleased to report that, as of 2020, almost two thirds of ABI members have an executive sponsor for LGBTQ+ inclusion. 


The Association of British Insurers has strengthened its commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion by partnering with OUTstanding, a global professional network.

The ABI’s partnership supports employees internally through mentoring and leadership programmes and also helps to create new opportunities for ABI member firms as they work to build a more diverse and inclusive insurance and long-term savings industry.

Yvonne Braun, Director of Policy, Long-term Savings and Protection, is the ABI’s executive sponsor for the ABI’s partnership with Outstanding:

“The insurance and long-term savings industry touches almost every citizen in this country by protecting them and helping them invest for the future. This social purpose makes it crucial for the industry to fully reflect the communities we serve, including the LGBTQ+ community. We can only do this by fostering diversity of thought, background and experience in our leadership and our workforce.

Find out what else is happening in the insurance industry

Our industry has a thriving network, Link, that is dedicated to creating and maintaining workplaces that attract and retain the best LGBTQ+ talent to the insurance industry. The network is made up of LGBTQ+ insurance professionals and their allies. Read more about their work here:  https://www.lgbtinsurancenetwork.co.uk/about-link