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What We Value

At the ABI, we feel empowered to bring our whole self to work without fear of judgment and embrace all our differences as every voice matters.


Our Culture & Values:

In 2018 we embarked on a project to reimagine our values and come up with a set of values that truly reflected how we see our culture.

Nearly everyone at the ABI had input in shaping the values. Through workshops run by a staff team, we ran several interactive sessions with smaller groups and all staff to devise what the values should be and reach the final outcome. 

Given the huge collaborative team effort, we feel confident that our values are the right ones and show who we are as an organisation.

We are Brave

  • We’re willing to challenge
  • I’m not afraid to step out of my comfort zone
  • The world changes and so do we
  • It’s ok to make mistakes and learn from them
  • We are ambitious and I can go further

We take Ownership

  • I have the freedom and opportunities to take ownership
  • I know where my contribution fits in
  • We involve the right people at the right time
  • We focus on solutions
  • You can count on me

We are Appreciative

  • We believe in each other
  • The team’s success is my success
  • We succeed together
  • We say thank you

We are Human

  • I’m more than my job title
  • We care about the impact on others
  • We respect and trust our colleagues
  • Everyone matters

We are Curious

  • I make connections
  • It’s better to ask a question than never know
  • We want breadth as well as depth of knowledge
  • We think bigger picture

We live by these values in our day to day working lives, however, we do this with a common understanding that we are individuals, and everyone will apply them differently.

If we sound like your kind of people, take a look at the jobs we have on offer here.                                         

Diversity & Inclusion

At the ABI, we see it as vital that we are a role model for our members. We’re an active voice in our sector and have signed up to various initiatives including the Women in Finance Charter and partnering with INvolve who support LGBT+ and ethnic minority inclusion in business. In 2017, we also we launched a Talent and Diversity network where we meet with our members to share ideas around how we can best support diversity and inclusion in our industry.

In 2018, we launched our own internal inclusion strategy, which we updated in 2020. This is a plan to help us achieve our vision and builds on the work we’ve done to support this. It focuses on three key areas: Inclusive Recruitment; Inclusive Development and Progression and Inclusive Workplace Culture. Read more about it here.

With regards to recruitment, we appoint the best person for the job, and selection will be against requirements and person specification that is relevant to the position. There will be no discrimination, and all candidates will be treated in fair, timely and courteous way.

We are proud to be London Living Wage employer and all of our placements, internships and apprenticeships are paid accordingly.

Find out more about our diversity and inclusion work here and here.

Financial Services Skills Commission

The ABI is a member of the Financial Services Skills Commission which is an independent, member-led body, representing the UK financial services sector on skills.

Through four workstreams, the Commission is addressing the major issues impacting the sector around skills, diversity and inclusion, and finding solutions to improve access to talent.

Through our membership of the Commission, we are able to actively collaborate with other businesses, training providers, regulators and the education sector. Together we are working to create solutions that work for all stakeholders involved.