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What We Value

At the ABI, we feel empowered to bring our whole self to work without fear of judgment and embrace all our differences as every voice matters.


Our Culture & Values:

We are Brave

How have you shown the courage to step out of your comfort zone and take a risk? 

  • We are adaptable and innovative  
  • We are ambitious and not afraid to try something different  
  • We are both willing to challenge and open to feedback 
  • We believe it’s OK to make mistakes and learn from them 

We are Human

How do you show compassion, care and interest in those around you? 

  • We respect and trust our colleagues 
  • We care about our impact on others 
  • We are more than our job titles 
  • Every one of us matters 

We are Appreciative

How do you celebrate success and show gratitude? 

  • We believe in each other 
  • We succeed together 
  • We are considerate of colleagues’ time 
  • We say thank you 

We take Ownership

How do you make choices and take responsibility?  

  • We focus on solutions  
  • We have the freedom and opportunity to make a difference  
  • We know where our contribution fits in and can count on each other 
  • We involve the right people at the right time 

We are Curious

What sparks your curiosity to ask questions and learn something new?  

  • We think bigger picture, longer term and like entrepreneurs 
  • We value breadth as well as depth of knowledge 
  • We make connections
  • We believe it’s better to ask a question than never know 

If we sound like your kind of people, take a look at the jobs we have on offer here.                                         

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At the ABI, we see it as vital that we are a role model for our members. We’re an active voice in our sector and have signed up to various initiatives including the Women in Finance Charter and Race at Work Charter as well as the ABI's own Making Flexible Work. We also have a DEI network where we meet with our members to share ideas around how we can best support diversity and inclusion in our industry and drive forward our indusry-wide DEI Blueprint.

We also have our own internal DEI Strategy and we focus or attention on three key areas: Attract (attracting diverse talent to our business); Grow (ensuring there is equity of opportunity for all colleages to enhance their career) and Advance (measuring our progress effectively). Read more about it here.

Find out more about our diversity and inclusion work here and here.