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Our year so far

Despite being unable to leave the Covid-19 pandemic behind us in 2020, we remain committed across all areas to providing high quality support for both members and customers throughout the ongoing disruption.

You can read more about what we have already successfully achieved on behalf of our members below. We look forward to working with our members to deliver on shared goals throughout the remainder of 2021 and beyond.

Director General, Huw Evans, reflects on our year so far as we continue to drive forward long-term strategic priorities and secure key outcomes for members.  

You can read Huw’s thoughts here.  

Voice of the sector

Over the first half of the year we have seen continued high levels of media attention and parliamentary activity with over 1000 press mentions – with 96% positive or neutral sentiment, the highest share of voice across the media than comparable bodies and a 47% increase in MP engagement.  

Take a look at our year so far in numbers.

Bringing you together

Our flagship Annual Conference brought together over 500 attendees, for the first time ever in a digital format and our digital events show continued success with over 1,800 attendees across 16 events. 

Discover more about ABI events.


Strengthening our focus

We have recently announced a series of reforms to the ABI Board as part of redoubling our efforts on behalf of the sector to boost trust, enhance reputation and tackle future risks together.  

Read more about the reforms to the ABI Board.


Climate Change

Ramping up industry engagement on climate change, we launched the ABI’s Climate Change Roadmap, setting out ambitious targets for the sector.

Read more about our progress on climate change here.

Policy impact general insurance

Long-awaited changes to personal injury and whiplash reform, called for by the ABI, came into force and we’ve worked closely with members to ensure a lasting legacy for the sector’s Covid-19 customer pledges. 

You can read more here.

Policy impact long-term savings

Having lobbied and won the case for multiple dashboards in a regulated environment, we worked closely with Government in support of the Pension Schemes Act 2021 ensuring pension data is available to consumers via dashboards 

Find out about these policy impacts.

Protection & Health

New innovative online mental health training platform launched in collaboration with Rightsteps and supported small businesses with our Day One employer toolkit.  

Read more here.



The ABI led the international response to the OECD global minimum tax-rate proposals, representing members with Treasury and produced the first Total Tax Contribution report in seven years in collaboration with members and PwC. 

Read more about what we have delivered.

Diversity & Inclusion

We launched a ground-breaking Making Flexible Work campaign and Charter to increase flexible working in the insurance sectorimprove diversity, and narrow the gender seniority gap 

Discover more about what we have been delivering for members.


We have pressed hard on key issues and achieved successful outcomes as a result, both on the importance of data adequacy for the UK, allowing personal data to continue to flow safely between the UK and the EU, and for the UK to be part of the Green Card Free Circulation Zonereducing bureaucracy for drivers and hauliers.  

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We are ensuring the insurance voice is heard in the UK’s post-Brexit trade negotiationsincluding with the US.

Find out more.




Prudential Regulation

Shaped the industry response to the Solvency II and Future Regulatory Framework reviewscommissioned analysis from KPMG on the impact of our proposed reforms and engaged with the Bank of England on the Climate Biennial Exploratory Scenario (CBES). 

Read more on these key impacts.

Conduct Regulation

Secured an extension to the implementation period for the GI Pricing Practices reforms, and, following our recommendations on their operational resilience, ensured greater consistency between PRA and FCA final rules, and extended implementation to March 2025.

Read more about our impact so far in 2021.