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Challenging the stigma around mental health


75% of ABI members provide their employees with mental health first aid training

Raising awareness

82% of ABI members partner with an organisation to tackle mental ill health in the workplace


81% of ABI members offer their employees income protection, providing an essential safety net when employees need it most

One in four of us will suffer from mental ill-health in our lives. The insurance and long-term savings industry understands that employers have a vital role in supporting their workforce through difficult times, and its policies and products are challenging the stigma around mental health and supporting their employees and policyholders.

Support when you need it the most

Direct Line Group who employ over 11,000 people throughout the UK, has backed the ‘Where’s Your Head At?’ campaign, which puts mental health provisions on an equal footing with physical first aid. As a result, they have mental health first aider on every floor across all their UK sites, from Glasgow to Bristol.

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Taking meaningful action

ABI Member Quilter whose Southampton HQ employ nearly 2000 people locally, has continued to push its ‘Thrive’ campaign. ‘Thrive’ promotes the importance of being healthy in our physical, social, financial, emotional and mental wellbeing. This is supported by CEO Paul Feeney, who has openly spoken about mental health and encourages openness in Quilter and the use of the health and wellbeing resources provided.

In addition, to the support delivered to its employees, the industry provides an essential safety net to our customers through products like income protection. In 2018, over £85 million was paid out to support customers suffering from mental ill health. This includes paying salaries while people are off work recovering, early interventions such as fast-tracking access to counselling, employee assistance programmes and rehabilitation services.

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