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The Associations Conditions of Membership

Membership of the Association of British Insurers (ABI) is open to all companies, persons or bodies of persons authorised by the appropriate supervisory authority to transact insurance business of any class in the United Kingdom, including EEA companies trading under the Single License. The ABI has over 200 companies in membership. Between them, they provide some 90% of insurance premiums in the UK. ABI member companies account for almost 25% of investments in the London Stock Market.

The below documents relate to the compulsory arrangements that are conditions of ABI membership. An arrangement is any agreement or undertaking between members that the ABI is a party to, facilitates or administers.

Compulsory Arrangements applicable to all ABI Members 

Code on Genetic Testing and Insurance.

Scope: Applies to all ABI members. However, there are specific compliance requirements on members transacting relevant classes of business (income protection, critical illness and life insurance).

Key principle: Providing fair access to insurance by allowing people to take out substantial amounts of cover without having to disclose the results of predictive genetic tests, whilst maintaining insurers’ fair access to relevant information for fair assessment and risk pricing.

Current version: 2018

Reviews: every three years, reviewed by ABI and Government. 

Endowment Mortgage Policy Review Code of Practice

Scope: Applies to all members with mortgage endowment books.

Key principle: To ensure that customers who are facing a shortfall in their mortgage endowment are given appropriate information on dealing with the shortfall, how to apply for redress and any time bars that may apply in relation to redress.

Current version: April 2011

Transparency and access in motor and travel insurance for older people. Agreement on age and insurance

Scope: Applies to ABI members selling travel and/or private motor insurance which applies upper age limits.

Key principle: Members that use maximum age limits for motor and travel insurance will refer people aged above that maximum limit to a provider or suitable signposting service than can meet their needs.

Current version: November 2019.

Guide to Minimum Standards for Critical Illness Cover 
(replaced the Statement of Best Practice for Critical Illness Insurance Cover)

Scope: Applies to all stand alone and accelerated critical illness contracts

Key principle: Assists consumers and advisers to understand and compare critical illness policies through the setting out of minimum definitions for certain conditions and the provision of standard definitions for common exclusions.

Current version: May 2018

Reviews: Full reviews to be carried out every 3 years (next full review is to take place in 2021). 

May 2018

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