Tracy Blackwell

Chief Executive Officer, Pension Insurance Corporation

Tracy is Chief Executive Officer and a Director of Pension Insurance Corporation. Tracy is also CEO and a Director of PIC’s parent company, Pension Insurance Corporation Group.

At PIC, Tracy is responsible for leading the management team in carrying out the company’s strategy. Tracy was one of PIC’s founders, joining in 2006. Until she became CEO in 2015, Tracy was PIC’s Chief Investment Officer and was responsible for building up the company’s asset management function, including direct investment capabilities into areas such as social housing and student accommodation. Areas of particular interest include: “The Purpose of Finance”, a project seeking to redefine the social contract with financial services, and diversity in financial services.

Prior to joining PIC, Tracy spent 10 years at Goldman Sachs, including as Head of Risk Management, EMEA at Goldman Sachs Asset Management, working with pension fund and insurance company clients on investment, risk and strategic issues. Tracy is a member of Wellcome Trust’s Investment Committee; an Advisory Council member on the Diversity Project; and Trustee and Honourable Treasurer of the Elton John Aids Foundation.