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Claims Acceptance Rates 19/20

The latest data on claims acceptance rates for private motor, domestic property and travel insurance claims shows that in 2019/20:

For private motor, the average claim pay-out increased by £133 on 2018/19 to £3,040, with 99% of claims paid. For domestic property the percentage of claims paid decreased since 2018/19 to 81%, while the average claim increased to £3,823.

Travel insurers paid over £1,042 per claim in 2019/20 and the claims acceptance rate fell to 83%.

Previous data on claims acceptance rates can be found here.

The ABI has a website dedicated to helping customers understand general insurance products better. The Insurance Experiments features a series of 15 short animations with a particular focus on property insurance. Better understanding of how general insurance products work will reduce the risk of any claim being declined.