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UK Insurance and Long Term Savings Key Facts 2015

The ABI's 2015 Key Facts guide offers facts and figures about UK insurance and its significant contribution both to the economy and society.

The UK insurance and long term savings industry is the largest in Europe and the third largest in the world.

It plays an essential part in the UK's economic strength, managing investments of £1.9 trillion (equivalent to 25% of the UK's total net worth) and paying nearly £12bn in taxes to the Government.

It employs around 334,000 individuals, of which around a third are employed directly by providers with the remainder in auxiliary services such as broking.

The guide provides ABI data on 2014 (unless otherwise stated). Select a section below to view our interactive charts for a more in-depth look at the UK Insurance and Long Term Savings industry.

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Insurance and Long term savings: How they work for you

Households and types of products

The vast majority of households in the UK have some sort of insurance coverage.

Top 10 key insurance facts

Check out the top 10 insurance facts of 2015.

Worldwide insurance premiums

Our interactive map displays a breakdown of worldwide premium income by country. Compare the UK insurance market to the rest of the world.

Investors in the economy

Insurers play an important role as investors in the economy.

How customers purchase products

Our charts explain how consumers purchase products in the general insurance and long-term savings markets.

Insurance Fraud

There were almost 130,000 cases of detected claims fraud in 2014 totalling over £1.3bn, a 4% increase in value compared to 2013.