LV now administers the following organisations: 

  • Liverpool Crown & Anchor Friendly Society
  • Liverpool Protective Assurance & Burial Society
  • New Era
  • General Friendly Collecting Society (formerly Leeds and General Friendly Society) (includes the Hulme Burial Society)
  • Most Friendly Burial Collecting Society
  • City Mutual (Guernsey) Collecting Society
  • City Mutual (Jersey) Collecting Society
  • Hibernian Mutual Assurance Collecting Society
  • General Federation of Trade Unions Friendly & Collecting Society (GFTU)
  • Independent Burial Society
  • Withington Friendly Burial Collecting Society
  • Ardwick Union Burial Society
  • Keighley Samaritan Brief
  • Druids Burial Society
  • Permanent Insurance Company Limited
  • Royal National Pension Fund for Nurses (RNPFN)
  • UIA Insurance Limited (life business only)
  • UIA (Insurance)
  • Tomorrow
  • Teachers

To discuss your policy, please contact LV on:
Tel: 01202 292333 
Or write to us at: Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society , County Gates, Bournemouth, BH1 2NF