Can I disclose a genetic test result that shows I have not inherited a risk identified in my family?

Yes. If you have a predictive genetic test that is in your favour, you can choose to tell the insurance company as this might help your application. An example is if you have had a test which shows that you haven’t inherited a condition that runs in your family. Individual insurance companies are required to publish information and make it very clear about the way they will use such test results to inform their underwriting decisions. The vast majority of insurers will take into account the results of a voluntarily disclosed genetic test result, provided it is from a reputable source. This often allows them to make a more accurate decision with a better outcome for the applicant.

When filling in an application form, it should usually be clear where you can tell an insurer about a genetic test that shows you have not inherited a risk identified in your family – this may just be a section for extra notes. If it is not clear, insurers will offer the ability ring and speak to an underwriter on the phone, so you can tell them about this information.