I have been diagnosed with a condition, and through a research study I received a genetic finding which is relevant to my diagnosis. Do I need to tell insurers about the genetic result when disclosing my diagnosis as part of the application process?

No. You only need to answer the questions in the application form. If the form asks you if you have suffered from a specific medical condition, then you need to disclose this regardless of whether there is any genetic component or not. However, you do not need to disclose the genetic test result even though this may be associated with your diagnosis.

For example, if you had previously been diagnosed with breast cancer, and through a research study you discover you have a mutation in the BRCA1/2 genes, you do not need to mention the genetic test result when disclosing your previous diagnosis.

Even if you do (unintentionally) disclose this information to an insurer, the genetic test result would be disregarded by insurance companies and your application would be assessed as if this had not been disclosed. The insurer will not use it to refuse you insurance, charge you a higher premium, or impose conditions on your insurance.