• State of the Market report 2018 (PDF, 3MB)

    (PDF, 3MB)

    Over the last two years, we have fundamentally modernised our Data & Analytics work under Matt Cullen’s leadership to produce more timely analysis as well as raw data. This publication is the next step in using that analysis to inform debate to the benefit of all. 

  • The New Retirement Market: Challenges and Opportunities (PDF, 616kB)

    (PDF, 616kB)

    The flexible retirement rules introduced from April 2015 are proving to be very popular. However, while flexibility is beneficial, it adds complexity to already difficult decisions about retirement that many people may not have the knowledge, skills or motivation to tackle on their own.
    Two years in, while we know a lot about the new retirement market and the opportunities it offers, there are also challenges that pose significant risks to consumer outcomes if left for too long without being understood and addressed.