• Making retirement choices clear (PDF, 120kB)

    (PDF, 120kB)
    A guide to simplifying language on retirement options
  • ABI Trade Credit Insurance Guide (PDF, 1MB)

    (PDF, 1MB)
    Credit insurance provides the key to successful trade and at ABI we are proud to include all of the leading providers within our membership.
  • GDPR Key Implementations (PDF, 233kB)

    (PDF, 233kB)
    GDPR Key Implementations
  • Lifting the bonnet on car insurance (PDF, 3MB)

    (PDF, 3MB)
    This report lifts the bonnet on car insurance premiums and sets out the facts about the costs to motorists.
  • Making Retirement Choices Clear October 2016 (PDF, 146kB)

    (PDF, 146kB)
    This Guide is designed to help ensure that language relating to the retirement choices introduced on 6 April 2015 is explained and communicated to customers across the whole long-term savings sector in a clear, consistent manner, avoiding technical terms where possible.
  • EU legislation mapping (PDF, 321kB)

    (PDF, 321kB)
    On behalf of its members the Association of British Insurers has conducted an extensive, in-depth analysis of all EU Directives and Regulations that have an impact upon the insurance and long term savings market.
  • Househunter flood risk (PDF, 615kB)

    (PDF, 615kB)
    With one in six homes in England and Wales estimated to be at risk of flooding from either rivers and sea or surface water, the ABI is urging estate agents and property websites to provide up-front information about flood risk, using a simple traffic-light style mark. The ABI has unveiled its proposed design and showing how the symbols would work for property adverts, in the same way Energy Performance Certificates do.
  • Effective Counter Fraud Practices – Checklist for insurers and partners (PDF, 481kB)

    (PDF, 481kB)
    All insurers must protect themselves and their customers against fraud. This checklist is designed to assist insurers, particularly smaller insurers with a limited counter fraud function, and their corporate partners, in putting in place strong fraud defences. It also sets out how firms can contribute to the UK insurance sector’s counter fraud strategy, to ensure that the UK remains an attractive place to do business.