• Motivating people to save – the messages that cut through (PDF, 146kB)

    (PDF, 146kB)
  • ABI Reframing pension saving research (PDF, 2MB)

    (PDF, 2MB)

    Engaging people to save adequately for their retirement is one of the biggest public policy challenges we face. With automatic enrolment dramatically increasing participation in workplace pensions, it is more important than ever that savers have a strong understanding of their pension and the significant value it can provide. However, defaulting people into saving, which is part of what has made automatic enrolment the success that it is, has also meant that our customers are often not as engaged with their pension as they should be.

    This is why we are delighted to have worked with Optimisa Research to better understand how the benefits of saving into a pension can be communicated. We asked savers to tell us what motivated them to save and tested messages to both improve understanding of and incentivise pension saving. The findings show that while people can feel detached from their pension, there are messages which cut through. Savers respond to simple visuals, they value tangible demonstrations of what an increase in their pension contributions can equate to and they benefit from a reminder of their likely State Pension provision.

  • ABI Insurance Product Information Document Implementation Guide (PDF, 301kB)

    (PDF, 301kB)

    This Guide is intended to support ABI member insurers develop their approach to creating the IPID for different non-life products, in particular the sections of the document entitled ‘What is insured’, ‘What is not insured’ and ‘Are there any restrictions on cover’.

  • ABI’s paper on market access issues 2017 (PDF, 766kB)

    (PDF, 766kB)

    Trade opportunities and challenges in the ABI’s priority markets.

  • The New Retirement Market: Challenges and Opportunities (PDF, 616kB)

    (PDF, 616kB)

    The flexible retirement rules introduced from April 2015 are proving to be very popular. However, while flexibility is beneficial, it adds complexity to already difficult decisions about retirement that many people may not have the knowledge, skills or motivation to tackle on their own.
    Two years in, while we know a lot about the new retirement market and the opportunities it offers, there are also challenges that pose significant risks to consumer outcomes if left for too long without being understood and addressed.

  • ABI and BIBA Code of Good Practice regarding support for potentially vulnerable motor and household customers at renewal (PDF, 243kB)

    (PDF, 243kB)
    The ABI has published its implementation review of the ABI and BIBA Code of Good Practice regarding support for potentially vulnerable motor and household customers at renewal.
  • Health Insurance Explained (PDF, 2MB)

    (PDF, 2MB)
    Health insurance is designed to work alongside, not to replace, all the services offered by the NHS and customers can continue to use the NHS.
  • Requesting and obtaining medical information electronically (PDF, 234kB)

    (PDF, 234kB)
    Why insurers use health and lifestyle information to understand and predict risk