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Hossein Kakavand

Hossein Kakavand has extensive experience in financial services and the technology space. Before co-founding Luther Systems, he has been with Soliton Capital, a quantitative hedge fund with focus on trading ETF, where he managed a quantitative trading fund using advanced quantitative techniques. Following which he joined Funding Circle, a leading FinTech peer to peer lending platform working on Securitization of a portfolio of fixed incolme assets and setting up an Exchange Traded fund. Also setting up an end to end portfolio analytics and monitoring pipeline.

He has also advised a number of financial and technology start-ups on both technical and stragic issues. Including, a VC backed early stage distributed computation platform focused on automation of analytical portfolio risk and optimization modelling. Also a hardware-software combination computation platform focused on bio-informatics application acquired by Roche Pharmacuitical. A VC backed big data analytics early cancer detection company.

He recived his Ph.D from Stanford Univeristy in Information Systems and Statistics, and subsequently Stanford Business School focused on Financial Markets.