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Vincent Franklin, Co-Founder and Creative Partner, Quietroom

Vincent co-founded Quietroom in 2003. He’s spent 15 years helping financial service organisations and government departments use language in a way that connects with the reader, strengthens relationships, and helps people make smarter decisions about the things that matter to them. His clients have included British Steel Pension Scheme, British Airways Retirement Plan, Bupa, DWP, Experian, HMRC, HSBC, Kodak Pension Plan, KPMG, Lloyds Banking Group, Prudential, Royal Mail Pension Scheme, The Cabinet Office, and Unilever.

Vincent is also a well-regarded speaker at pensions, investment and insurance events. He recently won the Pension Network’s ‘most entertaining speaker over the last 10 years’ award. 

Vincent started his career in the theatre. He is still a working actor, managing to juggle his time between Quietroom and roles on TV (Bodyguard, The Office, The Thick Of It, 2012, Cucumber, Happy Valley) and in the theatre (This House at the National Theatre and Mary Stuart at the Almeida). He recently wrote and presented a 60-minute programme on BBC Radio 4 on the history of corporate internal communication.