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Karina McTeague, Director of General Insurance & Conduct Specialists Supervision, FCA

Karina joined the Financial Conduct Authority in 2013, as the Director of Retail Banking Supervision. In this role, Karina was responsible for developing the FCA’s strategy for the retail banking and payments sectors, and supervision of the largest and most complex retail banking groups in the UK, as well as mid-sized, challenger, supermarket, niche and overseas banks, and Payment Services Institutions.

Karina moved into the role of Director of General Insurance and Conduct Specialists in September 2018. In this role, Karina has oversight of the strategy for General Insurance & Protection Supervision, where the division supervises c6,000 regulated general insurance firms ranging from small high-street intermediaries to large multi-national insurers.

Karina also has oversight of the strategy for the Conduct Specialists department, which covers a diverse set of specialisms, such as Financial Promotions, Consumer Contracts, Culture & Governance and Accountability. Karina started her career as a corporate lawyer before moving into banking. She has more than 20 years’ retail and commercial banking experience in a breadth of roles including general counsel, strategy, sales and risk. Before joining the FCA, Karina was Chief Risk Officer for Lloyds Banking Group in North America.