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Dr Sam Chapman, Chief Innovation Officer, Co-Founder and Director, The Floow

As Chief Innovation Officer and co-founder of The Floow a globally leading Telematics Service Provider, Dr Sam Chapman is responsible for science, research and innovation, driving The Floow to develop cutting-edge capabilities for Insurers. Sam is extremely committed to his work surrounding the future of mobility and making our roads safer and smarter for everyone. 

Sam’s work has seen The Floow involved in research activities including collaborative or government linked projects ranging from leading research for European Space Agency to Smart Cities and Driverless Cars. He is involved with high level advisory groups, as well as acting as an advisor to various government agencies, on areas including insurance, autonomous vehicles, driver behaviour and the digital industry in the North.

Sam frequently gives high profile talks in areas relating to transport and understanding its risks and impacts. This has seen him become a well respected voice in the fields of future mobility, the environment and tech growth in the North.