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Elizabeth Basten, Chief Marketing Officer, Wealth Wizards

Elizabeth Basten.jpgLiz has worked in marketing for 25 years, holding inhouse marketing director roles in varied sectors. Liz also spent 7 years as a digital transformation consultant in financial services and retail and previously ran the onsite marketing operations and transformation teams for Barclays and Barclaycard on behalf of Communisis. Liz has led innovation acceleration labs for brands including BT, Proctor and Gamble, Axa and Nationwide, connecting tech innovators with large corporates to transform digital customer experiences.

“I joined Wealth Wizards because I was inspired by a vision that uses technology to improve human connections and change the world for the better and really lead the way to engage people in the concept of managing their money and bring the financial services industry into the current century to match the great digital experiences we all have when interacting in all other sectors. It was about time!”