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Prudential Regulation Webinar: Life Beyond Solvency II?


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This event will now be delivered as a live webinar. Please note there will be no recording available after the event.

Bookings close 17:00 Monday 18th May.

The ABI’s annual seminar devoted to all the hot topics in the prudential regulation of insurance – with keynotes and insights from senior policymakers and practitioners.

The 2020 webinar will focus on the future of the UK’s prudential regulatory regime as we move beyond the seismic shocks of Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic.  The webinar will cover the changes we may see in prudential regulation in the 2020s, the risks and opportunities that these may present, and how the regulatory regime may need to adapt to urgent external priorities. The need for a regulatory regime “that works” will be a theme, whether that be in encouraging investment in the current “low for long” yield environment, or in support of the transition to a low carbon economy.

Join us and be part of the discussion.

Keynote speaker:

Charlotte Gerken, Executive Director, Bank of England


  • William McDonnell, Group Chief Risk Officer, RSA Group
  • Jane Poole, Group Financial Controller, RSA
  • Perry Thomas, Chief Risk Officer, Insurance & Enterprise Risk Director, Wealth, Lloyds Banking Group
  • Dr Bronwyn Claire, Senior Programme Manager, ClimateWise, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership
  • Christopher Cundy, Managing Editor, InsuranceERM and Insurance Asset Risk 
  • Colin Dutkiewicz, Chair of the Life Board, Institute and Faculty of Actuaries
  • Jennifer Thompson, Assistant Companies Editor, Financial Times
  • Peter Uhlenbruch, Joint Head of Financial Sector Research & Standards, ShareAction
  • Trevor Jones, Head of Actuarial and Insurance Risk, KPMG
  • Steven Findlay, Assistant Director, Head of Prudential Regulation, ABI

Why attend?

  • Gain insight and perspective from industry experts, regulators and policymakers on the future of the UK prudential regulatory regime.
  • Understand what opportunities and problems may present themselves now the UK is no longer part of the EU.
  • Understand what long-term fallout in terms of the regulatory approach may result from the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Understand how other external pressures and headwinds the industry is facing may shape the future of regulation.
  • Assess your firm’s own preparedness for what may arise at a crucial inflection point in the development of the regulatory regime.

What will delegates learn?

The following areas will be considered during the course of the afternoon:

  • The past, present and possible future of the prudential regulatory regime from the policymakers perspective – where prudential regulation is heading in the UK following Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic, and what “style” of regulation is likely to develop as UK institutions regain the levers of control.
  • How developments in the EU27’s Solvency II and in the global Insurance Capital Standard will impact the UK regime.
  • The opportunities for addressing longstanding UK industry concerns such as the Risk Margin and the level of regulatory reporting requirements.
  • The key emerging risks facing the insurance industry, and the likely regulatory responses.
  • The impact of the macroeconomic environment, the implications this has on insurers’ investment strategies, investment in illiquid assets, and regulatory concerns like the future of the Matching Adjustment.
  • The regulatory changes needed to expedite the transition to a low carbon economy, the balance of responsibility between government, regulators and industry in facilitating this transition, and the role regulation should play in incentivising firms to invest in “green” assets.
  • Other key emerging risks facing the insurance industry, such as cyber risk and operational resilience issues, and the likely regulatory responses.


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