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The future of conduct regulation


Where: Webinar - Link will be shared with registered delegates

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This event will be run as a webinar. 

In light of the UK’s forthcoming withdrawal from the EU, and ten years after the financial crisis, which led to an overhaul of financial regulation, now is the right time to consider whether the current regulatory framework is fit for purpose and what the future of conduct regulation could look like.

Currently, there are many, often overlapping, requirements deriving from EU legislation and the FCA’s own requirements. Put together, these can create a ‘patchwork’ effect of regulation that can often lead to worse outcomes, with competing burdens on firms and increased confusion for consumers of insurance and long terms savings products.

A regulatory framework fit for the future of UK financial services could involve a streamlining of regulatory requirements, stronger consumer protection and communications, promoting healthy competition across the industry and improving UK competitiveness.

This webinar will consider the opportunities and challenges of conduct regulation, the FCA’s rule book, and the possibilities for shaping the UK’s financial services regulatory landscape of the future.

Why register?

  • Gain insight and perspectives from regulators and industry figures on what the future of conduct might look like
  • Understand how the UK’s withdrawal from the EU could impact the future regulatory landscape
  • Learn about how the EU conduct framework is evolving, particularly in the context of the new Commission

What will delegates learn? 

The following areas will be considered during the day:

  • What are the current problematic areas of regulation for our members?
  • How does leaving the EU provide an opportunity for regulation to work better in the UK?
  • Which part of the FCA’s handbook should be considered?
  • What would we want to see in an FCA review of the conduct framework?
  • How can the industry work together to help shape future regulation?
  • How can we ensure rules work best for consumers and industry alike?

Keynote speakers:

  • Julian Adams, Director, Public Policy and Regulation, M&G
  • Matt Brewis, Director of General Insurance and Conduct Specialists / Supervision & Retail Authorisations, FCA

Confirmed speakers:

Event registration closed