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Nicola Parish, Executive Director of Frontline Regulation, The Pensions Regulator

Nicola Parish.jpgNicola Parish was appointed Executive Director for Front-Line Regulation in July 2016.

Nicola has worked at TPR in various roles for eight years, including as Director of Legal Services and Enterprise Risk Management, and her most recent role as Director of Case Management.

As Executive Director she is responsible for the education and enablement activities of TPR’s Customer Support and Regulatory Transactions teams, risk identification and escalation by Intelligence, and the enforcement interventions of TPR’s Case Management team. She will also be responsible for the delivery by TPR of the new approach to the regulation of master trusts.

Nicola began her career in the City as a litigation lawyer for Denton Hall. In 1996 she joined the Securities and Futures Authority as a senior prosecutions lawyer. She later worked in the Enforcement Division of the Financial Services Authority for 8 years before joining TPR in 2008 as a litigator.