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Meabh Quoirin, Co-Owner and CEO, Foresight Factory

Meabh Quiorin.jpgMeabh Quoirin is CEO and Co-Owner of Foresight Factory, a global consumer trends and data insights company. For over 20 years, she’s helped leading brands around the world to uncover different, better answers for their business, so they can ‘See Beyond’. 

A key voice on consumer trends and analytics, Meabh’s expertise lies in interpreting behaviours and signals to uncover what matters most to consumers today and tomorrow. Helping companies to drive sustainable growth, build strategic relevance and brand resilience.

Meabh is truly passionate about advocating organisations to build a culture and mindset of strategic foresight through trends and data. Allowing brands to make meaningful connections with their consumers, so they can confidently anticipate, shape and control their future.