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Andy Rosam, Partner, PwC

Andrew is a Partner in PwC’s Financial Services Tax team and leads the insurance tax practice in the UK. He has over fifteen years experience in UK corporate tax in the insurance industry. As an international tax specialist Andrew’s expertise includes cross border tax planning particularly on UK and European issues, mergers and acquisitions and treaty matters, also taking into account industry issues, particularly from a regulatory perspective.

Andrew has experience in working on a number of cross border transactions including group integrations and reorganisations, cross border financing, business restructurings, and intellectual property planning and merger and acquisition activity.

Andrew’s experience has included working with UK outbound inbound groups including a number of US inbound groups and also includes working with tax authorities. He has experience of the tax and non-tax issues facing the insurance industry and takes part in a number of working groups across the industry.

Andrew also leads on the UK corporate tax relationship with a number of large and medium sized groups coordinating PwC’s support to them across a range of taxes and across our international network helping clients to get the best of PwC.