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Anna Sweeney, Executive Director, Prudential Regulation Authority, Bank of England

Anna Sweeney.jpgAnna Sweeney is an Executive Director at the Prudential Regulation Authority. She has responsibility for the Risk & Operations function of the PRA, which includes the Chief Operating Office, ownership of the PRA’s supervisory approach and risk model and support for the PRA’s senior committees. Anna also co-leads Insurance Supervision with Charlotte Gerken, where she is responsible for the supervision of the UK’s general insurance sector, including the Society of Lloyd’s.

The PRA’s approach to insurance supervision seeks to deliver the PRA’s statutory objectives to:

  • promote the safety and soundness of the firms we regulate; and
  • contribute to the securing of an appropriate degree of protection for those who are or may become policyholders.

Anna was previously Director of Insurance Supervision between 2017 and 2019. Anna is an experienced insurance and banking regulator, having previously led the supervision of a number of the largest banks and insurers.