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Graham Smith, Director for ESG and Sustainable Finance, KPMG

Graham Smith.jpgGraham recently joined KPMG focusing on all aspects of ESG for the Financial Services market and is a senior leader in Green and Sustainable (ESG) Finance with over 25 years of banking experience. Graham was a member of the European Loan Market Association Committee that drew up the Green Loan Principles for green loans and the Sustainability Linked Loan Principles for ESG loans – the gold standard for the Finance Industry worldwide.

Graham’s ESG experience includes:
Working within a global multinational bank where he formed a Sustainable Finance Unit within its Global Banking and Markets Division - drawing up strategy and standards, developing products, working with clients culminating with winning the Euromoney Award for the World’s Best Bank for Sustainable Finance in 2019 and 2020. 

Co-chaired the bank’s Green Bonds and Loans Committee that oversaw the development of green financing products, setting the global standards for green data collection and controlling the bank’s own issuance of Green, Sustainable and UN SDG linked bonds, its issuance of green commercial paper and its green deposit product. 

Headed the team that successfully accredited the bank with the Green Climate Fund, and acted as the focal point for Climate Change Funding Agencies – the Green Climate Fund, the Catalytic Finance Initiative and the Sustainable Development Investment Partnership.

At KPMG he has worked with clients to derive a pathway to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of their residential mortgages by 50% by 2030, to design solutions to handle the increased volume of applications for green and sustainable finance as this becomes BAU, to design new green and sustainable financing solutions for SMEs. He is also a regulator contributor to thought leadership, working closely with the CBI and universities.