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Delivering Fair Value - Online Workshop Series


Where: Webinar - Link will be shared with registered delegates

Registration: 5 minutes prior to workshop start time - online only.

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This online workshop series is free to attend for ABI Members only. Please make sure you logged into the website to book your place.

Bookings for both workshops will close at 17:00 on 17 June 2024. 

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Join us for our two-part online workshop series on ‘Delivering Fair Value’, delivered in partnership with KPMG. In light of the FCA’s recent activity around the issue of Fair Value and the ongoing thematic review of its product governance rules, these workshops will set out important strategies for embedding the regulatory requirements and navigate the common pitfalls highlighted by the FCA.

These workshops will bring together a combination of market insights, case studies and reflections on the FCA’s regulatory expectations to help firms to meet the regulatory imperative of delivering and demonstrating Fair Value.

Leverage the deep knowledge of ABI and KPMG experts to better embed Fair Value considerations, maintain the appropriate operational frameworks for ongoing assessments and being able to convincingly evidence whether products are delivering good outcomes.

Tuesday 18 June - Workshop 1: General Insurers - 13:00-14:30

        What to expect: 

  • Focus on personal and commercial lines of business 
  • Draw from topical insights to support key messages, such as the recent FCA publications concerning Fair Value for General Insurers and relevant portfolio letters 
Thursday 20 June - Workshop 2: Life Insurers - 10:30-12:00

What to expect: 

  • Focus on Fair Value considerations for Life Insurers, including closed products in the lead up to the July 2024 Consumer Duty deadline
  • Draw from topical insights to support key messages, such as the recent FCA Life Insurance portfolio letter

Workshop Overview

Each workshop is designed around its specific subject matter. However, both will follow the same format:

  • Each workshop will include the use of interactive case studies and interactive polls to invite participation and contribution from attendees
  • Each workshop will end with a broad Consumer Duty Q&A session

Who will you hear from?

What will you learn?

By the end of the workshop series, will be able to...

  • Demonstrate a deeper understanding on how to approach FCA’s Price & Fair Value considerations in practice. 
  • Discuss and analyse the common challenges and pitfalls faced by insurers in embedding alignment to FCA obligations. 
  • Discuss and evaluate case studies of example Price & Fair Value assessments and components of good and bad practice, including insights from other sectors.