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Michael Ludlow, Head Group Tax, Swiss Re

Michael Ludlow .jpgMichael Ludlow is the Group Head of Tax at Swiss Re and leads of team of approx. 90 professionals located in 20 countries globally.  He has extensive international tax experience from working in the UK, Kenya, Singapore, and Switzerland and has also worked as a CFO of a conservation and tourism group.

Under Michael's leadership, Swiss Re's tax team is focused on shareholder value with robust tax and reputational risk management. He has led Swiss Re's tax function for 6 years and transformed the delivery of tax processes through leveraging technology and automation.

A keen advocate of sustainability Michael now champions the role of tax, transparency, carbon tax and tax as a driver of behavioural shifts in the ESG agenda. Michael chairs the European Business Tax Forum, a pan European group of the largest MNCs focused on ensuring fair debate around business tax.

Michael also sponsors the neurodiversity network within Swiss Re and represents the firm as Founder Members of GAIN. He holds an BSc honours degree in Geography and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation.