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Execs, NEDs and Chairs Network - the data dilemma: navigating the opportunities, expectations and ethics

Recorded: 08/10/2020

Duration: 58 minutes

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Insurance has always been a ‘data industry’ but the inexorable growth of the data ecosystem in recent years is a game changer for the sector. Moving forward, insurers’ use of data presents risks and opportunities for consumers, and how customers actually feel about this has been unclear. The ABI’s research publication released earlier this year delves into customers' views on how insurers may use their data in the coming years and provides plenty of food for thought for firms. Moreover, with complex opportunities and risks to navigate, it is more important than ever that Execs, NEDs & Chairs understand how their firms are using data and can ensure that the right governance and oversight is in place to ensure legal and ethical outcomes.

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By the end of this event, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the main risks and opportunities for consumers in the way insurers use data
  • Explain the limits of personalisation
  • Describe what good practice looks like for firms considering investing in data innovation


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