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Future-proofing the pension freedoms: what next? - part 1

Recorded: 18/11/2020

Duration: 1 hour 36 mins

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The past five years have seen major changes to the long-term savings market, not least with the introduction of the pension freedoms which opened up a range of new opportunities for customers. With vast changes in trends in retirement income, a clearer path for pensions dashboards and far greater focus on supporting vulnerable customers, the pensions landscape is substantially different from five years ago.  

Despite some successes, many areas need attention with questions still outstanding:

  • What can be done about the advice gap?
  • How can social care be reformed?
  • How might auto enrolment contributions rates change?

It will be decades before we can measure the success of the introduction of the pension freedoms, but there are many actions industry and policy makers can take in the next five years to positively change the dial for consumers. The impacts of COVID-19 were felt far and wide across society and changed the way we operate as an industry. This event discusses how COVID-19 is impacting peoples’ retirement income decisions as we anticipate the roll-out of investment pathways, an equivalent for occupational schemes, and closer scrutiny of the advice market and its rules. These developments must fit into a context of strategic issues such as climate change, pressures on the welfare state and tax reform.

This event considers what more can be done to future-proof the freedoms and prevent risks to consumers now and in the future. It discusses topics such as the role of advice and guidance, supporting those in later-life, understanding withdrawal rates and investment pathway implementation.


Why watch?

  • Hear insights from industry experts on the opportunities and challenges presented by the pension freedoms and what can be done in the short to medium term to improve customer outcomes 
  • Learn the impacts of COVID-19 as well as a range of other strategic issues the industry should consider 
  • Gain an insight into how firms approach the advice/guidance boundary and what industry think is needed from the regulator 
  • Understand the industry’s role in the future of care funding and why reform is so vitally needed to support the customer journey 
  • Gain 2.5 CPD hours for both part 1 and part 2 of this CII accredited event 

What will delegates learn? 

By the end of this event, delegates should be able to...

  • Understand how to tackle challenges posed by the pension freedoms 
  • Describe how COVID-19 is impacting peoples retirement income decisions  
  • Explain how to best support customers with effective advice and guidance  


£12.50 + VAT per person

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