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What is digital identity?

Recorded: 05/06/2020

Duration: 1 hour, 29 minutes

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Recent months have seen increased demand for remote mechanisms for identity verification. How do these services differ to the concept of 'digital identity' and what are the implications of the different approaches and technologies?

This webinar aims to examine the key facets of the subject through models developed in the UK and other countries and the public policy that underpin them.  We also consider the benefits for financial services of widescale adoption.


  • David RennieDirector, Market Strategy and Business Development, IDEMIA
  • Richard Thompson, Business Development, IDEMIA
  • Alastair Treharne, Government Adviser, Beruku Identity
  • Matt Burrell, Senior Policy Adviser, Long-term Savings Policy, Association of British Insurers


£25.00 + VAT per person


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