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Using trust and innovation: can insurers shape the future of health and work? - part 1

Recorded: 11/05/2021

Duration: 1 hour, 28 mins

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Health really is now everyone's business. 'Work' is no longer where we go but what we do. Fuelled by a global pandemic and enabled by rapid technological change, how we work, how we think about our health, and the connection between the two is radically changing. As workers, businesses, and government scramble to adapt and evolve, insurers can either watch it all unfold or emphasise the importance of health and resilience to help pioneer a new economy. But to do that, we need to overcome outdated perceptions of what insurance does and how insurers behave to be seen as a valued partner to new challenges. 

What emerging needs will workers and businesses have? Can insurers seize new opportunities to be the engines of innovation to provide valuable solutions? How can insurers use transparency to utilise new sources of health data and digital capabilities to help build a healthier and more resilient society?

Confirmed speakers:

  • Charlotte Pickles, Director, Reform
  • Debbie Bolton, Chief Underwriter and Head of Customer Operations, AIG Life
  • Paul Brencher, Managing Director, Individual Protection, Aviva
  • Stuart McDonald, Head of Demographic A&M, Lloyds Banking Group
  • Jon Bryant, Director, Online & Communications, AON
  • Yvonne Braun, Director of Policy, Long-Term Savings and Protection, ABI
  • Charlie Campbell, Manager, Health & Protection, ABI

Why watch?

Delegates will hear about:

  • How insurers can harness innovation to overcome barriers and maximise support for healthier working lives. 
  • Whether the industry can build trust and transparency through an increased use of health data and build consumer confidence in the products offered.  
  • How to use changing attitudes towards work and health and transform them into opportunities for the industry to meet the changing needs of businesses and individuals. 
  • What expectations customers have of their insurers and how this is set to change against the backdrop of rapid technological change. 

What will delegates learn?

By the end of this event, delegates should be able to: 

  • Identify what insurers are currently doing to support their customers’ health at work 
  • Describe how insurers can harness innovation to overcome barriers and maximise support for healthier working lives  
  • Highlight the opportunities insurers can seize today to meet new customer needs and support healthier working lives 



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