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The Annual Conference Series: A data-driven UK: what does the new digital direction mean for insurance and long-term savings providers and their customers?

Recorded: 22/02/2022

Duration: 48 minutes

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There are significant changes ahead for the UK data landscape, its legal framework, and its regulatory regime. The UK Government has launched its National Data Strategy and made proposals for a new direction for data while the FCA is investing more than £120m over three years to become a data-led regulator. The CMA, the ICO and Ofcom are working together in the Digital Regulatory Cooperation Forum on their approach to digital and online services to support regulatory coordination.

But what do all these changes mean for insurance and long-term savings companies and their customers?  How can firms make the most of data’s many opportunities whilst ensuring they protect their customers and can operate in a competitive global marketplace? This session brings together a wide range of perspectives to discuss the driving force of data, changes to the UK’s data, legal and regulatory environment and the impact on insurance and long-term savings providers and their customers. 

What will you learn?

By the end of this session, delegates should be able to identify the key drivers of change to the legal and regulatory framework for data; outline the regulators’ top priorities for data in 2022 and describe the potential opportunities and challenges relating to data for the insurance and long-term savings providers and their customers.

Session speakers:

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