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The Annual Conference Series: ‘What’s in it for me’: How will insurance change when customers control all of their health data?

Recorded: 22/02/2022

Duration: 46 minutes

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It’s 2030. Customers have direct control over their health data and can share it with third parties at the tap of a phone. Protection and health insurers no longer need to ask GPs for medical records to validate their health profile – they can ask customers to share their health data with them directly. A new relationship of trust will be born. 

But will this create new barriers across insurance markets? Or will it create opportunities to transform how insurers are able to use that health data to partner with customers protect and support their health?  

This session peeks into the future. It assumes the realisation of an NHS Digital Transformation that allows for patient-controlled data, with a Dragon’s Den consumer panel judging the potential insurance products of the future. 

What will you learn?

By the end of this session, delegates should be able to identify current issues faced by customers and insurers due to indirect medical reporting processes and how they could be solved by patients sharing data with insurers directly; outline the opportunities to create value for customers through greater data fluidity between the NHS and insurers, driven by patients, and how this could create a new relationship of trust between insurers and the insured and describe how insurance products of the future could address gaps in public service to improve population health outcomes.

Session speakers:

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