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Savings adequacy – how much is enough and who’s missing out? part 2

Recorded: 21/06/2022

Duration: 1 hour and 26 minutes

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Savings adequacy continues to dominate the debate about workplace pensions and the quality of the UK pensions system.

This webinar looks at emerging and potential future policy solutions to plug the adequacy gap. This includes looking at future automatic pension transfer solutions to reduce the level of small pots in light of the industry’s work; what the future for automatic enrolment looks like as we get closer to the Government’s committed deadline for expanding the eligibility criteria; and whether the current tax relief system provides the right incentives to save.

It also explores how much customers should aim to save, given uncertainty about longer lives and care costs; and how AE2.0 can adapt to help self-employed and under-pensioned people build emergency savings and a pension.

Join us at this critical moment as policy-makers weigh up decisions about the future of savings at work.

Keynote speakers: 


Why watch?

  • Hear from key senior figures in policy and industry on the future of savings policy, including automatic enrolment and emergency savings
  • Feed into policy discussion on adequate savings in pensions and other solutions
  • Debate the industry’s role in helping deliver adequate pension savings
  • Understand the direction of policy, and market changes
  • Gain 3 CPD hours by attending this CII accredited event

What will you learn?

By the end of this webinar, you will be able to...

  • Identify the main challenges to customers achieving adequate pension savings to pay for medium and long term needs, including care
  • Describe where the industry is in the journey to solving these challenges
  • Outline policy initiatives that are being developed to meeting savers adequacy needs
  • Appreciate the range of industry views and future approaches to achieving pension saving adequacy
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