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Helping Parliamentarians

In a world of increasing uncertainty and risk, the insurance and long-term savings industry is investing in communities and adapting in a changing climate to secure futures across the UK.

We are helping your constituents build their financial resilience and prepare for later life, and bringing peace of mind to businesses and families. Our industry takes a leading role in driving change on behalf of our customers.Together, we are securing futures.

To get in touch with our Public Affairs team directly, please email

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How we can help you

Assist with constituent enquiries about insurance or related issues


Provide bill briefings on legislation concerning insurance and long-term savings matters


Work with and support parliamentary researchers and constituency staff


Provide policy insight and guidance


Publications and useful information

Responding to Floods: What You Need To Know

This leaflet explains how an insurance company will respond in an emergency situation where a constituents home has been flooded. This guide sets out the support customers can expect from their insurer.

Investment Delivery Forum

The Investment Delivery Forum brings together the major insurance and long-term savings firms with an interest in large-scale infrastructure investment. It acts as an accelerator helping industry, government and key stakeholders avoid delay and move forward together.

Securing our Future

This decade is set to be one of transformation and uncertainty in the UK. Read our report to understand how our industry is equipped to support you with the big challenges we collectively face.

ABI Climate Change Roadmap

The insurance and long-term savings industry has a key role to play in the investment, adaptation and innovation needed to tackle climate change. Our ambitious Climate Change Roadmap is a guiding tool for the industry.

We are here to work with parliamentarians in England, Scotland, Wales and Assembly members in Northern Ireland on a broad range of topics, providing support for constituency queries, briefings, and industry events.

  • We regularly circulate briefings ahead of parliamentary debates and legislation that have a bearing on insurers and their customers.
  • We are able to provide guidance, practical advice and may contact member firms on behalf of parliamentarians and their constituents, if deemed appropriate and in compliance with GDPR rules.
  • We can also provide briefings and statistics on how the industry powers regional economies throughout the UK, driving growth and supporting quality employment.
A productive and inclusive sector, our industry employs more than 320,000 individuals in high-skilled, lifelong careers, two-thirds of which are outside of London. We represents more than 200 member companies, including most household names and specialist providers, giving peace of mind to customers across the UK.
Find out more about the UK insurance and long term savings industry’s contribution both to the economy and society in our Key Facts publication.

To get in touch with our Public Affairs team directly, please email:

[email protected]



Meet the team

Seth Williams

Interim Director, Corporate Affairs, ABI

Alastair Ross

Assistant Director, Head of Public Policy (Scotland, Wales & NI)

Lauren Hankinson

Interim Assistant Director and Head of Public Affairs

Robert Rams

Chief Public Affairs Officer

Chris Rumsey

Manager, Public Affairs

Callum Judge

Public Affairs Assistant

Yael Adams

External Affairs Assistant