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Future Leaders: A quick fire Q&A with MetLife’s Mark Baldwin on why you should get involved with the ABI Future Leaders programme…

Future Leaders is an executive development programme for up and coming senior insurance industry leaders. The programme was created in consultation with insurers to complement and add to the development pathways of their most promising senior leaders. The year-long course will help equip senior leaders with the skills and experience they need to lead insurance and long-term savings companies.

What made you want to join the ABI future leaders programme?

I have always taken a hold on my career progression and have clear career aspirations.  For me I look at external opportunities as well as internal opportunities to aid my development.  I was approached within MetLife for consideration of the ABI program, read the brief and simply thought this can add value for me.  The networking opportunities, the programme subjects that we would be covering over the 12 months, and the structure of the learning in terms of personal input.

What knowledge and skills did you think that you would leave the programme with? Did it meet your expectations?

For me the key aspect is that while you are learning and accessing the content, you can to take a step back and broaden your view. All the key elements of running a P&L are considered and so you have to rapidly apply that mind-set.  The core focus of external stakeholders is also a great dimension to the learning – the government, the regulator, trade bodies and the over-arching macro-economic environment are all in play as you navigate through the program.

What was a highlight of the programme for you?

There were two for me. Firstly, the Edinburgh located event that involved a working session within the Scottish Parliament where we were considering the big agenda item that is Brexit. Secondly, the whole final event where you are tasked with working in a small team to pull together the yearlong learning and generate your output for the final project, and then culminating in a group presentation to an expert panel.

How do you feel that the programme will help you progress in a leadership role?

Simply put, experience, learning, networking

Would you recommend the programme to colleagues?

Without question.

Has your role changed since undertaking the programme?

Yes my role has changed but more importantly I feel it has given me greater leadership confidence! 

Last updated 29/01/2018