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Future Leaders: Garry Simmons from Covea answers our questions on what he gained from the ABI Future Leaders programme…

Future Leaders is an executive development programme for up and coming senior insurance industry leaders. The programme was created in consultation with insurers to complement and add to the development pathways of their most promising senior leaders. The year-long course will help equip senior leaders with the skills and experience they need to lead insurance and long-term savings companies.

What made you want to join the ABI future leaders programme?

The ABI Future Leaders programme offered an opportunity to reflect on topical issues facing our industry here, now and in the not too distant future. With real insight from senior leaders within our profession, politicians and other external influencers

What knowledge and skills did you think that you would leave the programme with? Did it meet your expectations?

Having previously been a member of ABI committees and gaining first hand knowledge of the organisation’s dedication and professionalism, I naturally held very high expectations.

And the programme did not disappoint. It provided a great understanding of how the industry as a whole is impacted by political, consumer and regulatory issues. It broadened my expertise and knowledge and provided insight to help shape and guide strategy. 

Networking opportunities provided a forum to share knowledge and experience with a diverse set of individuals that I wouldn’t necessarily engage with.

What was a highlight of the programme for you?

I’ll be greedy and pick three:

1) Having the opportunity to visit the Scottish Parliament, not so much to revisit my Scottish roots, but to gain a fantastic insight into the multitude of issues and uncertainty created by Brexit on different organisations.

2) Sessions on how to influence senior leaders, organisations and the government were of particular interest.

3) Working again with Director General Huw Evans, Director of Advocacy Louise Hanson and the wider ABI teams and being reminded of just how many talented people make up such a high quality operation.

How do you feel that the programme will help you and your employer?

Future Leaders was as investment in my personal development and reapplying the learning from the programme will definitely aid my strategic thinking.

All of the personal benefits that I have garnered from the programme should translate to an improved and motivated leader within Covea and networking with senior level peers across the industry will have helped the profile of the business.

Would you recommend the programme to colleagues?

Whole heartedly.

It is highly polished from start to finish.

The programme flow and content is excellent and provides insight to political, regulatory and consumer impacts.

Engagement and debates with insurance CEO’s, tech specialists and industry experts were always entertaining and thought provoking.

Why wouldn’t you want to attend?

Interested in joining our 2019 Future Leaders programme? Find out more and apply here

Last updated 16/02/2018