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Working in Regulation: Our Shanaz Said blogs on her role as Policy Assistant in the ABI Prudential Regulation team

Tell us about your role at the ABI – what do you do and why?

I am the policy assistant on the prudential regulation team. I support my team’s lobbying efforts to secure improvements to the UK’s prudential regulation framework on behalf of our members. Usually this involves developing ABI responses to consultation papers and position papers.

Day to day, I am also responsible for providing administrative support to the ABI’s Prudential Regulation Committee. This includes preparing a comprehensive slide decks which updates the committee of regulatory developments and the team’s work.

What’s been your highlight and what’s been your most challenging moment?

My highlight would be helping to secure refinements to regulations with the regulators acknowledging our recommendations.

One of the main challenges is ensuring that ABI positions are representative of our broad membership. With over 250 member companies, it is crucial that all positions are carefully considered and agreed on by our members.

Where did you work before, how and why did you come to join the ABI?

Before the ABI, I worked for a risk consultancy, which provided insight and intelligence on the security of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, where I was a researcher. Before that, I was a parliamentary assistant for a Labour MP. 

I joined the ABI’s prudential regulation team as I was very interested in financial stability and prudential regulation and this role meant I could develop my knowledge of both with regard to the insurance industry.

What’s the best thing about working here?

For me, it is the variety of policy areas covered across the organisation.  It means that you are able to quickly familiarise yourself on various developments by simply talking to your colleagues and attending staff learning events.

What surprised you most about working here?

What surprises me most, having only worked in relatively small offices before joining the ABI, is the vast exposure you have to a range of stakeholders from members to European trade associations to EU officials, and as such the wealth of knowledge you have access to.

Describe your team in three words.

Focused. Funny. Geeky.

What does #OneABI mean to you?

Working together, across teams, to achieve our shared objective of ensuring that the UK insurance industry’s voice is heard.

If you weren’t working at the ABI, what would be your second career?

I have a background in international relations and development studies and have always wanted to work for an international NGO. However, for now, I’m enjoying working in the regulatory environment.

Last updated 22/05/2018