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ABI alumni Paul Barrett, now of AIG, shares his career highlights so far, and how his time at the ABI prepared him for the next step

Introduce yourself – who are you, what did you do at the ABI and what do you do now?

Paul Barrett, currently Head of Risk Framework and Regulatory Strategy at AIG. From 2004 to 2011 I was Assistant Director, Prudential Regulation (Solvency II)

Share with us a career highlight – it can be from any of your roles, ABI and onwards.

My career highlight at ABI was completing the long discussions around Solvency II before it was finally approved in 2009.

At AIG my career highlight would be Internal Model approval for AIG Europe Limited.

Both of these represented the culmination of around five years hard work – with lots of ups and downs along the way.

Now we have Brexit which is likely to mean another round of changes!

What was the best thing about working at the ABI?

Working with a really great team of bright people, helping to shape the future direction of the insurance industry.

Share your best memory from your time at the ABI?

Friday mid-mornings ABI introduced an all staff gathering for tea, cakes and chat for 20 minutes, Our Australian CFO proposed also trying Australian ‘mini’ meat pies for winter. They were always very popular and a good opportunity to catch up with a range of people across the organisation!

How has worked for the ABI helped you in your career? What doors did it open?

Working at ABI gave me a very broad perspective of issues relating to the insurance industry as well as financial regulation. This was a very interesting time as we all lived through the financial crisis and for about 6 months Robert Peston was never off our screens. Often what we were talking about during the day, he would be reporting on that night!

The knowledge and insights gained in policy, regulation and Solvency II helped me to secure my current role with AIG.

Last updated 12/09/2018