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A lifeline for insurance people

Employers have become increasingly more flexible with working arrangements and many more now benefit from job sharing and agile and homeworking. This can provide an increased number of employees with a better work/life balance and the opportunity of sharing in important caring responsibilities.

Attitudes to mental health have changed dramatically too with conversations around mental wellbeing becoming more prevalent in the workplace. The insurance sector is no exception. At a number of industry conferences we have attended during the year this important issue was high on the agenda.

Despite these positive steps to support employees and create a happier, healthier and more productive workforce, there are still times when employer assistance is not enough.

A helping hand

Adversity can affect anyone – bereavement, a child with special needs, relationship breakdown, domestic abuse, a debilitating illness – unforeseen events that can turn any life upside down.

The Charity was set up over 100 years ago to support those working in the insurance industry. Staying true to our founding principles we continue to provide essential financial support to past and present insurance employees, who are working in any role, together with their dependants.

Each year over £1.7 million is awarded to hundreds of individuals and their families across the UK and Ireland.

We help with one-off payments for essential items such as household repairs or appliances, and provide on-going financial help where income is restricted or insufficient. We also give practical advice, via our partnerships with Shelter, The Silver Line and Alzheimer’s Society, including specialist housing support, a befriending service for older people and support for those living with dementia.

One beneficiary’s story

Amy has worked in the sector all her life.

“I lost my hearing on my right side, when I was three due to illness and infection. Shortly after the birth of my first child I then lost a further amount of hearing.

Working in a busy office it was very difficult to explain to people I had hearing loss. I really suffered with my confidence at that point. A hearing aid was available on the NHS but unfortunately was not suitable for my type of hearing loss.

Having two kids close together, whilst developing my career and time off for maternity leave, meant that the one-off purchase of an expensive hearing aid was not immediately manageable. A colleague suggested to me that it might be worth contacting The Insurance Charities.

They financed the hearing aid and offered ongoing support, if needed. It was a really easy application process. I noticed the difference straight away – particularly as I’d never experienced a balance of hearing. Immediately it made me much more aware of my surroundings and a lot more confident.

There is a perception that there must be a dire need to contact the Charity. We both work but it would have taken a long period to save the amount needed and I would have suffered added distress without it. If there is a need, everyone should get in touch.”

Next steps

Amy’s story is just one example from the hundreds of insurance people we support each year.

I’d like to encourage anyone in the sector, who is experiencing difficult life events which cause hardship, to get in touch today. If you are not experiencing hardship, perhaps one of your colleagues is. Please pass our contact details on to them.

Also, if you’re looking to give back to the industry there are several ways you can get involved through volunteering, publicity and fundraising.

We are your industry’s charity.

Annali-Joy Thornicroft, Chief Executive Officer – The Insurance Charities

Last updated 10/09/2019