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Q&A with NHBC's Boyd Hackett on what he gained through the ABI Future Leaders Programme

Future Leaders is the ABI’s award-winning executive development programme for the industry leaders of tomorrow. The year-long programme will equip you with the skills, knowledge and expertise you need to lead an insurance and long-term savings firm and expose you to the impact of regulators, policymakers and existing CEOs.

boyd-hackett-website.jpgWhat made you want to join the ABI Future Leaders programme?

I wanted to deepen my knowledge of the UK insurance industry, particularly within lines of business I was not familiar with. Having read about the Future Leaders programme, it looked like a perfect opportunity to do that - and it was.


What knowledge and skills did you think that you would leave the programme with? Did it meet your expectations?

Future Leaders surpassed my expectations. It gave me fantastic insights into the wider industry, introduced me to people on similar journeys who were keen to learn and share their experiences. What I didn’t expect was the access to senior leaders that the programme provided, and how open they would be about their stories. The senior leaders were really candid about their professional journeys and shared insights on what they learned and the impact their experiences had on them.

What was the highlight of Future Leaders for you?

The workshops at the Edinburgh session were really good. We were able to use what we had learned during the earlier talks and work together to deliver presentations to the group.

How do you feel that the programme will help you progress in a leadership role?

It has widened my frame of reference, and I can talk confidently about the industry as a whole. I have picked up some really useful insights from senior leaders on their journeys and peers at similar stages to me.

Would you recommend the programme to colleagues?

Yes, without a doubt.

Has your role changed since undertaking the programme?

Yes, I am pleased to say that I have been appointed as Head of Underwriting within my organisation. During the interview process, I was able to refer to some of the insights I had gained during the programme.


If Future Leaders sounds like the right development opportunity for you, you need the support of your HR Team to apply. Applications close 6 May 2022.

Last updated 13/02/2020