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ABI Alumni Michelle Ly blogs about her placement year

We caught up with Michelle Ly to talk about her internship at the ABI, the application process and what she enjoyed about working here.


Michelle Ly

What made you apply for the internship and what was the interview process like?

I wanted to get a better understanding of data and analytics and the responsibilities outlined in the vacancy was intriguing. The interview process was made up of two stages, the first being a 45-minute Excel test in addition to a face to face interview which lasted around an hour or so. On the same day, I was given the opportunity to have an informal chat with the current interns to get a better understanding of the role. The second stage of the interview process was more relaxed and involved a telephone interview which lasted around 30 minutes.

What made you choose the ABI as the place to work during your placement year?

A major factor was the role itself. Moreover, the ABI office is in a convenient location, close to the tube and train stations as well as nearby to many shops and restaurants. When I came for the interview, the staff I came across were also very friendly which is always a bonus.

How would you describe the culture at the ABI? What’s it like to work here? What are the perks of the job?

Colleagues very much reflect the ABI’s ‘We are Human’ value. Everyone I’ve had contact with is welcoming and approachable which makes it a lot easier when I need to ask for help. Outside of work, the Sport & Social Committee arranged several events over the past year, including games night, mini golf at Swingers City and our Christmas Party at Savage Garden.

What surprised you most about working in insurance/for the ABI?

I did not realise how important insurance is for individuals, corporations and the economy. Working for the ABI and sitting the CII Certificate in Insurance qualification shifted my perception of insurance completely.

Describe your team in three words.

Adventurous, creative, intellectual

What advice would you give to a placement student joining the ABI?

Your understanding of the role and the industry will develop over time so don’t panic if you feel overwhelmed or struggle to process all the information thrown at you at the beginning.

How have you found working for the ABI in the midst of lockdown?

It was better than expected. We may have lost the ability to ask quick questions over our desks, but colleagues are just as responsive to messages on teams/skype. We now have daily morning catchups as well as the additional Pictionary game and virtual pub on Wednesday and Fridays.

What skills have you gained from your time at the ABI?

I have developed many skills this year, whether it was building on my Excel skills or learning the basics of Power BI. Working on several data collections with conflicting priorities enabled me to build resilience and gain valuable time management and organisational skills. 

Did you know that Rate My Placement put the ABI 1st in Insurance Top 65 Medium-sized Undergraduate Schemes 2020 - 2021?


Last updated 20/10/2020