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ABI Annual Conference 2021 update

The ABI's Annual Conference will be delivered virtually in 2021. Hear from Huw Evans, Director General, ABI, on why you should register for the ABI's flagship conference today.


Huw Evans.PNGThe ABI’s 2021 Annual Conference will come at a time of significant uncertainty and challenge for insurers. While everyone across the sector can be proud of how we have remained operationally resilient through the crisis, we have seen reputational challenges over disputed business claims and will face a big task to keep focused on the value of long-term savings and insurance as the country faces an economic recession and high unemployment.

Our 2021 Annual Conference will be a virtual event but packed with content and the opportunity to hear from and engage with industry leaders, leading politicians, key regulators and the stakeholders who shape the environment we operate in. We will be investing in some of the best software available to bring you a superior online conference experience, building on the feedback from our recent successful online Tax convention. To reflect the reduced catering and venue hire costs, the price of tickets will be reduced so we hope you and as many of your colleagues can join us as possible. 

While the pandemic and its aftermath will no doubt feature,  we will ensure the Annual Conference looks beyond the crisis to focus on the challenges that will impact our sector for decades for come. This will include Climate Change, where the upcoming COP26 conference will be a vital opportunity to secure meaningful change and also demonstrate the central role insurance and long-term savings plays, but also the ongoing task of making the sector as inclusive as possible, the Government’s review of the Solvency II framework, the work needed to ensure Pension Freedoms delivers a financially resilient population and the FCA’s proposals on GI pricing result in a more effective market for consumers. As always, we will ensure you have the opportunity to ask questions, share your perspectives and network (albeit through a screen) with other industry leaders throughout the conference. 


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Last updated 29/10/2020